The Duke's Guardian Angel

Extended Epilogue

One year later

Will and Bellinda were living happily in the countryside. They had recovered from their encounter with Jasmine and were both intent on never having anything to do with her again, not for the rest of their lives.

Bellinda had made Will extremely proud by giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. Will was enchanted with the child, as was Bellinda, and they had decided to name the boy Alfred in honour of Will’s late father. He had her soft brown curls and Will’s big, inquisitive brown eyes. They felt he was a sweet and charming encapsulation of both of them, and he always kept them on their toes.

The pregnancy had been rather stressful. Bellinda experienced the most appalling morning sickness, and Will became disturbed as she looked pale and worn. Her physician had prescribed a concoction of ginger and turmeric in the form of an elixir, and although Bellinda hated it, it had certainly helped her recovery—though, when the pregnancy had ceased, she could not so much as look in the direction of ginger.

The actual birth was long and tiring, and the only thing that kept Bellinda focused was the fact that she would be bringing Will’s baby into the world. When she did, in the comfort of her own bed, surrounded by those who filled her life with love, she was the proudest woman alive.

Bellinda was exhausted after the birth but managed a weak smile when Will entered the room. His face was of pure delight. She could tell that he was overwhelmed with emotion as he looked at his wife and son, and witnessed his family completed. 

Will’s mother was overjoyed with the birth of a new heir apparent for the family, and she had made it plain to Bellinda that she was wrong about her at the start and enthused about the wonderful wife and mother that Bellinda had become. 

Life in the countryside was all that they had dreamed of. The fresh air certainly suited them, and they had access to acres of land that Alfred could roam freely when he was older. Both Bellinda and Will intended for Alfred to be as interested in the countryside as they were. After all, he would be the master, one day, well into the future, and must be privy to the species of flora and fauna that graced the grounds.

Cornelius had proved his loyalty to Will and had reaffirmed his worth as an impeccable butler. His mother had sadly passed away, but he would be forever grateful to his master for providing the best care for her during her last weeks. Will had insisted that she have the family physician to attend to her and expert nursing staff to provide the utmost care until her passing.

Mavis had gone to the countryside with her mistress and the baby after the birth and was a valued member of the household. She also had acquired a suitor, a farmer who ran the estate and treated her as though she was the most precious jewel in his life. 

Mavis had high hopes for the future, but for the moment, she was happy attending to Bellinda and Alfred. She had always been happy to care for Bellinda, and little Alfred was the icing on top of the perfect cake. 

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