Enchanted by a Lady's Imperfections

Extended Epilogue

Three years later. . .


“Where’s Anna?” Helena asked Simon, holding her two-year-old daughter in her arms.

“She’s asleep in the nursery,” Simon answered. “Juliet is watching over her. How’s her twin?”

“Asleep too,” Helena whispered.

“I’ll take her to bed.”

Helena slowly handed the little girl to Simon and sat down tiredly on the sofa in the drawing room. Taking care of twin babies was difficult, but there was always something to laugh about. Helena recalled the pain she had gone through to give birth to them. Her stomach had been enormous, and she’d thought her back was going to break at times. But thankfully, she had delivered them safely, and they were now her pride and joy.

Simon had named the first born Anna, and Helena the second born Hyacinth, after the flower. It had taken them three days of back and forth to finally agree on the names and shake on it.

At the start of their marriage, Helena didn’t think it was possible to love Simon any more than she already did, but lo and behold, when their children were born, she found out it was indeed possible. Simon stayed up for nights on end, tending to her and the children by himself. He reminded her everyday of how thankful he was to be her husband. Helena loved the man more than ever.

“Do you want to go for a walk?” Simon asked her, re-entering the room.

“I’d love to,” Helena said, groaning as she rose to her feet. “The air feels nice.”

They walked hand in hand out of the manor and strolled towards Sydney Gardens. It had rained the day before, and the atmosphere was pleasantly cool, even with the bright sunshine. Helena loved the smell of the rain. She had argued one night with Simon that the rain had a particular scent. Simon didn’t agree, but she understood what she was saying perfectly.

It had become a routine after their marriage to spend summer in Bath. They had done it every year for three years straight, and Helena loved it. That way, they avoided the drama that came with the Season in London.

“Eric’s wedding is coming up,” Simon noted. “I was thinking of hosting the wedding reception here at our manor.”

Helena nodded. “I was thinking the same thing too,” Helena said.

They continued down the path, making small talk as they walked, enjoying the scenery. Helena sighed and placed her hand on her stomach. She looked down at it and then glanced at Simon.

“I have something to tell you, Simon,” Helena said. “I was going to wait until dinner, and say it in a big surprise, but. . .”

Simon paused and stood in front of her, slightly worried. “Tell me,” he demanded.

Helena took in a deep breath and smiled. “I’m expecting again.”

The look of pure joy that appeared on Simon’s face delighted her. It was the exact same reaction he’d had when she told him she was expecting the twins. Simon was a terrific father, and their children were lucky to have him, just as she was lucky to have him as her husband.

Simon cupped her face with his hands and kissed Helena before lifting her up in the air and spinning her around.

“That is great news, my love,” he said, out of breath. “I have a good feeling it’s going to be a boy this time.”

Helena giggled and wrapped her hands around her neck. “Me too.”

Simon lowered her to the ground cautiously and hugged her closely. 


“Yes, Simon,” Helena said into his shoulder.

“I love you more than words can explain.”

Helena tightened her arms around Simon and shut her eyes. “I love you too, Simon.”


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