An Amiable Lady for His Lordship

Extended Epilogue

Four years later…

It was starting to show, the baby bump. It was pushing Jane’s belly forward in a gentle slope. Some of her dresses did not fit her anymore, but Sylvia was more than happy to help by employing a tailor to design new ones to fit. Sylvia had reacted to the news that Jane was pregnant again just as she had four years ago. She sent a long letter containing details of all the new dresses she had ordered for her niece. This was the second time Jane had been pregnant in four years, and she felt she was starting to get the hang of it.

 The past four years had been a whirlwind of happiness for Jane. She and Daniel had had all the time in the world to themselves, living in Jane’s family home in the countryside. Daniel had cleared the debts attached to it before it could be sold, and he had been more than happy to move there with her. They still visited Delshire Manor and Mayfair regularly, juggling their time between both the country and the town.

Their first child had come three years before, a beautiful baby boy with Daniel’s green eyes and Jane’s sun-colored hair. Daniel had named him Simon. He was a chubby little boy, who loved using his loud voice, especially during his regular cries. Raising him was a challenge for them both, but they enjoyed every minute of it.

Now, Jane sat on the ground of the garden, trimming her roses. She had had taken special care of them because they were a tribute to her late parents, especially her mother, who had loved roses. Gardening calmed her, so she made sure to do it often.

“My lady,” Maggie called Jane. “Lady Edith is here.”

“She is?” Jane cried.

She pushed herself off the ground and scurried into the house. Jane saw Edith regularly, but her sister had decided to stay permanently in Mayfair with Sylvia and Harris. She claimed the country house reminded her of their parents too much. Jane was sad about it, but she understood.

Edith’s visit was special this time, though, because in a week’s time, she was going to be coming out. It was finally Edith’s Season! Edith had written to Jane and asked to visit her sister so they could discuss her coming out preparations.

“Edith!” Jane beamed, hugging her tightly.

“Oh, the baby is growing,” Edith noted, giggling. She rubbed the baby bump, patting Jane’s stomach.  “How are you, Jane? Oh, I’ve missed you.”

“I’m very well, thank you. I’ve missed you too,” Jane said.

“How’s Simon?” Edith asked as they went indoors. She scanned the hallway. “I’m going to suffocate the little man with tickles.”

“Go easy on him.” Jane giggled. “He’s missed you too. Look at you, Edith! A grown woman. I can’t believe you’re coming out in a week.”

“We’ll talk all about that later tonight,” Edith said with a wink. “I need your advice. I, too, want to be a countess or a viscountess … I don’t mind which, but I have no clue about anything.”

“Oh, Edith. I’ll tell you all about the Season later. But you have Aunt Sylvia to help you too. She’s a fount of wisdom on the subject!” Jane said, Making them both giggle. “I hope you don’t plan on sleeping tonight.”

Maggie took Edith’s bags upstairs while Edith rushed off to see young Simon. Sometimes, it felt as if Edith had grown to love Simon more than she loved Jane. He was the one she spent all her time with when she visited.

“My lady.”

Oh, the butterflies.

Jane dropped her head and stared at Daniel while batting her eyes dramatically, making him laugh. He still had the same effect on her after all these years. It seemed like the butterflies were never going to die.

“My lord,” she said shyly. “I have missed you.”

“Oh, have you?”

Daniel pulled her close and placed a peck on her forehead. “I missed you too. Edith wouldn’t stop asking questions about you on the ride here. It made me miss you even more.”

Jane rested her head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat. “You know I love you, don’t you?”

“You know I love you more, don’t you?” Daniel said, stroking her hair.

They knew the answers to their questions. But, the feeling of comfort that always came with resting in Daniel’s arms was one Jane would never trade for anything. Her world was right-centered just there, and she knew their happiness would only grow more as the years passed.

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