A Governess for the Wounded Duke

A Historical Regency Romance Novel

Morgana Smith has been left in a dire financial state of affairs. Her father, the Viscount Alandale, passed away two years ago after suffering a heart attack. Unbeknownst to Morgana, her father had made some unwise business decisions which led to him racking up large debts he couldn’t repay. Morgana had vowed to never let anything separate her from her two siblings. But circumstances have changed and she is left with no other choice but to seek employment as a governess.

Michael Wilton, The Duke of Westdale, has vowed never to love again. Three years ago he sadly lost his beloved Chelsea after she’d suffered complications during the birth of their second child. His daughter Lily has had several governesses resign the past year due to her unruly behavior. Michael’s mother arrives and insists that he consider marriage to the Duke of Radfield’s daughter Lady Marjorie. Marriage is the last thing Michael wants… until he sees Morgana bonding with Lily.

Michael and Morgana soon form a bond of their own that is spurred on by their shared relationship with Lily. But can their blossoming feelings lead to true love or will it end in disaster?