My Regency Novels

An Amiable Lady for His Lordship

She is an orphan. Her only family is her little sister. She does not care about titles and big houses. All she wants is a normal life, and she will do anything to achieve it.

Novels in collaboration

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How to Heal the Marquess

She’s captivating, beautiful, intelligent, and caring. . . everything he wants in a wife. But she’s turned his life, and his plans, upside down. . . because she’s not Lady Selina, the wealthy Society beauty the ton expects him to marry.

A Chance Meeting with A Novelist

True love is mightier than the pen!

The new novel Charlie Beauchamp’s War, penned by Tristram Tattersall, is flying off England’s bookstore shelves, and all polite society is wondering about the mysterious author. None suspect the young, beautiful aristocrat Lady Alice Kitteridge is behind the rip-roaring adventure story. . .