My Regency Novels

Love & Rejection, Evangeline

Evangeline lost her parents at a very young age and now has to help her grandmother raise her two younger sisters. Only a suitable financial match could save them. She will love and be loved.. but sometimes you have to reject or be rejected to find true love..

The Perfect Christmas Entanglement

She is betrothed to the handsome Earl of Firnsdale. His handsome face was able to fool not only her but also her family. The truth will unravel its veil and the holy days of Christmas will become interesting. How easily can someone be fooled and loved? Can there be true love in a friendship of years?

Hope, In Love with a Scarred Spinster

Hope has convinced herself that she’s content with living the life of a spinster. Her scarred but beautiful face but also society’s ugly stares never helped her forget about spinsterhood. Her life changes when she encounters the handsome Duke of Colbrooke and he seems to be her last “hope”…

Restoring a Lady's Reputation

Christine Scott is the daughter of the Earl of Scotsville. Her ladylike manners could not save her from the gossip of the ton and now she has a reputation that every girl of high society must avoid. Determined to stay a spinster for life, love knocks on her door.. and who is it? The Duke of Belmire..

Mary, Escaping a Marriage of Convenience

Mary’s dreams of a happily ever after are dashed when her father arranges for her to marry the elderly Earl of Ellensdale. But fate has other plans for her when Viscount Suthington steps into her life unexpectedly.

Bellinda the Duke's Guardian Angel

Her mother’s illness cost her two Seasons. Now that her mother has healed, Bellinda is ready to make her debut, even if she is far from marriage age. An incident with the Duke of Dunworth will make her fall for him…

Cinderella's Happily Ever After

She is an orphan as her parents have passed away. Her only hope for family love is her cruel brother who sent her away. Now he wants to take her life into his hands by pushing her into an unsuitable match for her. Cailin’s future seems to be ruined, but if her last hope had a title it would be.. the Duke of Clarenwood!

A Spinster for an Eligible Bachelor

Life for the single young lords and ladies of the Regency ton is one non-stop party, ending only with marriage. Avoiding a match means prolonging the fun. But, what happens if love steps in?

Jessica the Viscount's Wallflower

She has never met her biological father but a stepfather. Banished from the only home she has ever known, she discovers a hidden family secret that will change her plans, and then a kind viscount comes to bring calm to the storm of her soul.

Matchmaking with a Broken Duke

As an art restorer, Miss Delaney, visited the Rokesby Castle to restore the precious paintings of a reluctant Duke. She had never been between people of the upper class but her manners and remarkable beauty will restore even the Duke’s heart…

Imogene, his Courteous Muse

As an orphan, she is searching for the place she belongs in the world. Stunningly beautiful, with a heart of gold, she was a young lady like no other and she had to be his, whatever plans others had made for them. He was her hero, coming to rescue her from loneliness. But could they ever be together when so much stood in their way?

Enchanted By a Lady's Imperfections

Her mother’s tragic loss has plunged Helena into depression. Over the last Seasons, she feels very embarrassed at the annoying comments she receives from others about her appearance. But deep inside she knows that true beauty has nothing to do with outward appearance.

Eloise a Benevolent Lady

Forgiveness can lead to finding true love… She is the only child of a very wealthy family. She wants to please her father by marrying a rich, nobleman. A riding accident in the past has left her with a scar on her wrist that will forever remind her of that day…

Christmas Encounter with a Duke

It’s almost Christmas and she feels so lonely. Her father’s illness is getting worse after the loss of her mother. Rose can’t live as a slave anymore. She wants nothing more than her freedom, and this could be the best gift for Christmas!

Louisa The Scarred Governess

She is a remarkable young lady. She would do anything to avoid a forced marriage. Her mother wants to save her. She has to escape, even if it would be the last time they met…

An Amiable Lady for His Lordship

She is an orphan. Her only family is her little sister. She does not care about titles and big houses. All she wants is a normal life, and she will do anything to achieve it.

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How to Heal the Marquess

She’s captivating, beautiful, intelligent, and caring. . . everything he wants in a wife. But she’s turned his life, and his plans, upside down. . . because she’s not Lady Selina, the wealthy Society beauty the ton expects him to marry.

A Chance Meeting with A Novelist

True love is mightier than the pen!

The new novel Charlie Beauchamp’s War, penned by Tristram Tattersall, is flying off England’s bookstore shelves, and all polite society is wondering about the mysterious author. None suspect the young, beautiful aristocrat Lady Alice Kitteridge is behind the rip-roaring adventure story. . .